dBAS+ has been operating since 2000. Our business as IT consultants is well established, as is our team, our processes, IT solutions and tools of the trade. We have a client base of long standing happy clients to back it up.

Some of the key factors which differentiate us from other IT consultants include:

dBAS+ guarantee their IT services and stand by their recommendations.
dBAS+ clients deal directly with their own team consisting of a single managing engineer and up to two assigned engineers.
dBAS+ clients can call their IT support team for immediate support whenever they need, guaranteed.
dBAS+ identifies problems and resolves them, often before their clients know about them.
All dBAS+ engineers have worked in the IT Industry for a minimum of ten years.
dBAS+ have a confidentiality agreement with all staff.
dBAS+ is always here for you, providing IT support, monitoring your systems and dealing with any issues 24x7x365.
dBAS+ take the time to understand and focus on their client’s business requirements, not just their servers & PC’s.
dBAS+ provide fixed quotations for IT projects such as upgrades and implementations.
dBAS+ provide detailed invoices for all work completed.
dBAS+ is a well established business with a solid experienced team, proven processes & partnerships with all major vendors supported.
dBAS+’s directors are available to talk with you face to face