Our Core Values

Trust, Honesty & Respect:
dBAS+ are committed to a culture of the highest standards of behavior and practice, and to always doing the right thing in our relationships with others. We demand ethical thinking and conduct of ourselves and our suppliers, whereby ethics and accountability always come first.

Customer Focus
dBAS+go above and beyond to meet customer needs. We will work to make our customers happy and will strive to meet their goals by being flexible and adaptable in providing solutions.

As a company and as individuals, dBAS+ strive to make a difference – by taking the initiative, by ensuring other brands remain followers, by investing back into the community and creating our own future.

Our Environment & Community

Environmental & Social Policies
As a leading supplier of technology dBAS+s have always taken a significant interest in social, environmental and conservation issues. We believe strongly that as a responsible corporate citizen, we must adopt socially and environmentally sustainable practices relating to all aspects of our business.

Charity & Community Involvement
dBAS+ encourages all staff to participate in a charitable scheme. Employees, who authorize the company to do so, have 0.5% of their taxable pay deducted each payday and donated directly to a registered charity of their choice. Each participating employee is able to nominate a registered charity to receive their donation.
dBAS+ also partners with local educational institutions to provide a Work Experience program allowing young people to experience life in the industry.
dBAS+ is a sponsor of African Wildlife Foundation and also donates services and supplies to a number of school projects throughout Africa.
dBAS+ sponsors and supports junior football in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Kerbside Recycling
At dBAS+ we recycle materials wherever possible in the process of our business. This includes packaging materials and office waste. dBAS+ always strives to use recyclable or recycled materials wherever possible. Even our pamphlets and business cards are printed on recycled paper!
Printer cartridges and obsolete technological components are recycled through Planet Ark and their affiliated partners.
dBAS+ always encourages all our suppliers and clients to reduce, reuse, and recycle. You too can help us to help create a sustainable future by participating in your local kerbside recycling program and recycling waste wherever possible.