Lighthouse Plus overview:

The Lighthouse Plus software suite is an integrated software system written and supported by dBAS+, which brings together change management, document management, client management, asset management, and business tools – such as a business plan generator – to evoke consistency, quality and cost reductions to a wide spectrum of businesses.
Lighthouse Plus merges a Change Management and Client Relationship Management database, together with email, documents, client files, and tools for everyday business in a unified approach. This allows every employee to access the same information and tools quickly and easily.
The system is designed to “takeover” each employees desktop ensuring centralised, consistent and cost effective output from each employee. All external software can be accessed via Lighthouse Plus at the discretion of the administrator. The system incorporates regular content updates and access to chatroom facilities for all Lighthouse users.

By bringing all the necessary “tools” into one simple, familiar interface, Lighthouse Plus:

  • Minimises downtime.
  • Reduces dependence on key personnel.
  • Produces consistent, predictable results.
  • Reduces staff training by providing all the necessary instructions and procedures in one place, accessible by all staff.
  • Allows changes to be instantly available to all staff.

Lighthouse Plus provides a complete framework for a business to systemise processes and brings all the B2B formats used by a business (which vary from business to business) into a consistent procedure base. Lighthouse Plus also allows a business to implement B2B solutions which the owner, managers or partners do not need to understand. Linking processes to Lighthouse Plus dramatically decreases turnover times and staff training can be accomplished without senior personal involvement.

Another advantage of the Lighthouse Plus system is the speed with which a firm can achieve ISO 9001 accreditation. The system, when implemented, will satisfy the requirements for the international standards organisation and bring the firm in line with world-class business practice.

To see whether Lighthouse Plus is right for you, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.

Lighthouse Plus features at a glance:

With Lighthouse Plus you get:

  • A sophisticated, fully functional Change Management system which integrates directly to the internal Asset Management System.
  • A built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to further enhance your productivity.
  • A Document Management System which links tightly to the CRM.
  • Additional modules are available to extend the functionality of Lighthouse Plus. For example, the scanning module allows addition of new documents into the system via an external scanner.