dBAS+ offer sophisticated system management and monitoring services. Offering complete end to end system management, we handle all aspects of a system’s life cycle.


Specifically, we offer the following functions as part of this service:

  • Detailed system specifications to match our customer’s stated requirements.
  • System procurement and installation.
  • Installation, configuration and tuning of environments to offer the best platforms for our clients’ applications.
  • We have an industry leading gold disk build (64 and 32 bit versions) which allows for consistent roll outs and extremely stable and reproducible platforms.
  • Active patch management to ensure hardware and software systems are running at the latest patch levels.
  • Active monitoring to ensure system up time to agreed service levels.
  • Real time alerts via email and SMS.
  • Complete hardware support from qualified engineers.
  • Fully architectured solutions to meet the needs of even the most demanding systems.
  • Regular system reports offering a complete record of changes, updates and improvements made to any system we manage.

Windows 64 bit solutions

dBAS+ prides itself as a leader in the Windows 64 bit environment. We were amongst the first solution providers to offer expertise in the 64 bit space. Our knowledge and experience with both Intel and AMD x64 class of processors means that we are often capable of extracting performance improvements in the order of magnitudes on many existing applications, even if they are still running as 32 bit applications.

Industry Standard HP ProLiant Servers

dBAS+ can provide industry standard servers from the Hewlett Packard (HP) ProLiant range of models at highly competitive prices. With a broad portfolio and renowned ProLiant reliability, the HP ProLiant provides innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency while managing complexity and risk.

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