IT Consultancy

dBAS+ offer a comprehensive IT consultancy service for your business development or software development needs. dBAS+ combines a wealth of experienced IT professionals from a diverse range of areas to ensure that we are able to cater for your business.

Audit Solutions

Are you at risk? You may not be aware of the risk that you and your IT infrastructure are exposed to. dBAS+ will perform a full audit of your infrastructure to determine any potential security or performance issues and then make recommendations for a suitable course of action. dBAS+ will also provide a clear summary of your disaster recovery mechanisms, and how long it is likely to take to recover your IT environment in the event of unexpected failure.

Our innovative service includes:

  • An IT risk analysis survey
  • Assessment and documentation of your current IT status
  • Collate employee user surveys and report results
  • Provide auditing software for data retrieval
  • Ensuring compliance with licensing requirements
  • Have an IT professional create a tailored recommendation based on the audit results
  • Provide valuable resources for your IT management
  • Arrange consultations for financing options
  • Arrange business relationships with professional IT support companies
  • Money Back Guarantee